You will need

there are no limits for the tools


60 minutes and more


1–2 colleagues


2 – we recommend to use Lego, which makes the work easier

Use when...

  • you are designing a new space and you want to give the floor to your users
  • you need to test the engagement with the service in a lifelike context
  • you enjoy interaction with people

Do not use when...

  • the provided service is only available online


  1. Think about what material you are going to need. Hard cardboard can be sufficient for real-size models. Lego is also one of the designers’ favorite tools.
  2. Reach to your users, because you want to know their opinions. Typically, you should ask the typical users of the product you are modelling.
  3. If you want to create something together with users, Lego is your best option.
  4. Do not be afraid of a playful form. Playing a game with your users can teach you much more than a long interview.
  5. Turn your models into reality.

Keep in mind that...

  • you do not necessarily have to have a designer or an architect in your team, although it might be advantageous to have some basic knowledge of this field
  • if you want to design the models together with your users, agree on who is to facilitate the process
  • experienced designers always have a suitcase with material for in-field-model-designing, e.g. skewers, cardboard, glue, play dough, or lego set

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In the design phase, you can use the following methods…

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