You will need

small pieces of paper, a box, or a bulletin board for collection




1–2 colleagues


2 – the creativity and continual processing of collected feedback are, however, needed

Use when...

  • you are looking for a continual way of collecting users’ suggestions and feedback
  • you do not have specific questions and you want to give your users a space to express their ideas on issues you would not even think of

Do not use when...

  • you are looking for an answer for one specific question or more (general) questions


  1. Print the small pieces of paper saying “I wish this was...” and leave enough space for your users. Place them in the building.
  2. Prepare a box or a bulletin board for collecting users’ suggestions and feedback.
  3. Ask the users for comments and suggestions. You can also show them already completed cards in order to inspire them.
  4. Immediately pass the obtained suggestions to your colleagues. Consider the suggestions’ viability in a team. Implement and document the changes everywhere you can.
  5. Show the fulfilled wishes on your website and on social networks. 

Keep in mind that...

  • you need to work with the feedback - users will be glad to see that you react on their suggestions, do not forget to let them know about it
  • other library employees should also be familiar with the acquired suggestions; communicate with them on a regular basis

Find out more

In the exploring phase, you can use the following methods…

Desk Research

When you need to quickly obtain valuable information

When you need to collect a lot of opinions in a short time

When you need a quick feedback

Case study

From questionnaire to a new group study space

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