You will need

paper, pens


30 minutes


2–12 people


1 – one can even enjoy some fun with this technique

Use when...

  • expecting a quick team brainstorming
  • looking for an inspiration for a future service
  • you believe that cooperation promotes creativity

Do not use when...

  • you do not know what are your users’ needs (go back to interviews)
  • you need a more complex design of your service (try Business Model Canvas instead)


  1. Divide your paper in thirds - call them “Problems”, “Opportunities”, and “Innovations”.
  2. Stick post-its with research-based insights about the problems of your target group in the first partition.
  3. In the second partition, use post-its with products, services, and values of your organization, or with products, services, and values that would be easy to implement.
  4. In a team, combine the post-its from the first and second partitions.
  5. Test the most interesting combinations and swiftly introduce them into practice.

Keep in mind that...

  • this method is devised for team work
  • you can create the template on a wall or some larger space, which will provide almost unlimited space for your suggestions
  • walk when coming up with ideas, it is proved that movement helps one’s brain to think

Find out more

  • we adopted this method from Innovation Games
  • get inspired with the book called Gamestorming where you can find this method as well as many others similar to it

In the design phase, you can use the following methods…

When you need a material prototype

Download the book Service Design in Libraries

It includes detailed descriptions of case studies from both the Czech Republic and Norway.

Download the book  

Get the design methods card set

You will always have a ready help, which will tell you how to proceed, and which tools to prepare.

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