You will need

an online platform


60 minutes or more


1 colleague


2 – depending on the technical execution of the method

Use when...

  • you need to test whether there is anyone interested in your service before launching it
  • you have defined the action the user is to perform (e.g. reserve a book)
  • having a database of contacts whom you can inform about your page or when having a small amount of resources which can be invested in the promotion

Do not use when...

  • not having your users’ needs researched
  • not knowing how to reach out to the users with your offer


  1. Choose a platform for creating your landing page. It could be a simple blog.
  2. When creating the landing page, keep in mind what its purpose is. It should be clearly defined (testing an interest in a new type of action, or signing up for a newsletter).
  3. Pay attention to simplicity and clarity when creating. The amount of information on the page should not be overwhelming, on the contrary – it should make a fresh and airy impression. 
  4. Make sure it includes call to action that will help the user to realize your intent, e.g. “Sign-up” button.
  5. Evaluate the impact of the landing page.

Keep in mind that...

  • this method can be combined with A/B Testing, in which case you can compare two versions of a landing page simultaneously
  • it is important to be meticulous when measuring the conversion rates and when keeping an eye on bottlenecks
  • there are online tools for the purpose of creating of a landing pages, which also include analytical functions

In the design phase, you can use the following methods…

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