You will need

pen, paper, online tools


1 hour


10 or more users


1 – it’s not a rocket science

Use when...

  • you need to elicit the users’ opinion on one particular service or one of its parts
  • you need a proposal for the fastest improvement possible
  • you want to build positive relationship with the users

Do not use when...

  • you need to conduct an extensive research (Questionnaires are better for the purpose)
  • you want to know user’s opinion more in depth (interview is better suited for that)


  1. Determine the service that will be covered by the poll.
  2. Depending on the composition of your target group, formulate up to five questions.
  3. Depending on whether the service is material or online, place the poll so that it is in close proximity to the service.
  4. Process and evaluate the result.

Keep in mind that...

  • the poll will help you with eliciting users’ opinion on one service or one of its aspects
  • polls are often completed by people who have a spare time for their completion, i.e. you have no control over who your respondents are, hence the possibility of unrepresentative sample
  • the results of the poll are not representative and might rather serve as the first information that needs to be further verified

Find out more

In the exploring phase, you can use the following methods…

Desk Research

When you need to quickly obtain valuable information

When you need to collect a lot of opinions in a short time

When you need to find out what the users would not say

Case study

From questionnaire to a new group study space

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