You will need

VPC template, post-its


60 minutes or more


2–10 colleagues


2 – the better the materials from previous research, the easier it is

Use when...

  • you completed the interviews with users
  • forwarding the results of your research to the designer

Do not use when...

  • you have not processed the personas since it is best to apply the Value Proposition Canvas to each persona separately


  1. Summarize the results from the emphatic phase and write them down to post-its.
  2. Prepare a template for the Value Proposition Canvas.
  3. In the first phase, focus on the user’s experience - how can he or she benefit from the service and what obstacles must he or she overcome?
  4. The second part of the canvas are the properties of the service. What is it that helps users to complete their activity/task? What can relieve them? What does the user gain by using your service or product?
  5. In the second part, focus on the product’s characteristics. Which properties of the product lie behind positive and negative experiences of your users?
  6. Use Value Proposition Canvas as the basis for the improvement of your product or service. 

Keep in mind that...

  • knowledge of the Business Canvas Model and Emphatic Mapping methodologies will be useful for understanding the Value Proposition Canvas
  • you can find a variety of courses explaining this method in detail

Find out more

  • Business Model Generation is a practical book that will help you to convert the findings obtained through Value Proposition Canvas into a design of a specific business model
  • Value Proposition Design - you can download 100 pages of this book for free

In the analysis phase, you can use the following methods…

When you need to process the data to create a prototypical user

Download the book Service Design in Libraries

It includes detailed descriptions of case studies from both the Czech Republic and Norway.

Download the book  

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