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The librarians from Třinec started thinking about service design once they learnt that the library building, which formerly served as a nursery school, was to be completely reconstructed.

All the librarians from Třinec were involved in the service design, which, together with in-depth interviews and questionnaires, helped Třinec Library to understand who their users are and who they are not. The overall result was 46 so-called micropersonas, which provided the librarians with a wide variety of views on the library and life in Třinec. What is more, the service design became an important mindset for working with users and fulfilling their needs.

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The idea of a single portal can be found in the Concept for development of libraries in the Czech Republic for the period 2011-2015. Its development is taken on by the Association of Czech Libraries with a consortium of libraries cooperating on its development. Technical development is facilitated by Moravian Library. How can one ensure a good result when so many subject cooperate on introducing a service for such a wide target group?

The form and functions of the portal were continuously developed and adapted, among other things, on the basis of findings from the user survey. Since September 2016, you can find the portal on Knihovny.cz.

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People in the library knew that the website needs editing. It was unresponsive and confusing. Students had difficulties with understanding the chaotic structure of the website; most of them preferred using search box to going through its contents.

After two round of research with more than 300 users, the library has a new website. The website operates in a trial run since 20 July 2016 and receive mostly positive feedback.

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The team from the MU FA Central Library had long sensed what afflicted the students - they missed a place for group study and place where they could get some refreshments. In order obtain convincing arguments, the librarians decided to map users’ needs by means of questionnaires.

After several months of analyzing the data and designing of possible solutions, they created a basement space for students’ use. The result is a cozy environment for group study, which even includes a shared kitchenette.

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