You will need

SWOT analysis template, markers


15–60 minutes


2–4 colleagues


2 – materials with detailed information will make everything easier

Use when...

  • you need a fast technique for the purpose of evaluation of the current state of an already existing project
  • formulating the strategy of your service or product for the future
  • working in team in order to find out where did the current project succeed and where it failed 

Do not use when...

  • you emphasize users’ needs rather than insider’s view
  • most of the people in your team cannot be involved in the technique 


  1. Focus on your institution. Build a team that will work on the analysis and gather as large an amount of important data as possible.
  2. Find your Strengths (S). Strengths might include well-set processes, strong team, catchy name, financial flow, and more.
  3. Weaknesses (W) might be for example poor internal communication, insufficient financial situation, or unattractive location.
  4. Focus on the surroundings. Look for the Opportunities (O) - insufficient demand for services, weak competition, strong partners, and demographic trends.
  5. As a Threat (T), we might consider change in legislation, technological trends, or pricing policy of your competition.
  6. Discuss the results, eliminate Weaknesses, get ready for Threats, boost your Strengths, and embrace the Opportunities.

Keep in mind that...

  • if you have a large team, you should divide it into smaller groups and make sure that everyone can contribute to the discussion
  • a SWOT analysis may start as a Brainstorming
  • you can obtain material for SWOT Analysis through Desk Research, Questionnaires, or interviews with users

Find out more

In the analysis phase, you can use the following methods…

When you need to process the data to create a prototypical user

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